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Edgard & Cooper

Edgard and Cooper Small Breed Doggy Dental Sticks Mint Oil and Strawberry 105g-7 sticks

Edgard and Cooper Small Breed Doggy Dental Sticks Mint Oil and Strawberry 105g-7 sticks

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Edgard and Cooper believe that good food makes your mind body and spirit feel amazing. 

Nothing beats fresh meat and healthy ingredients cooked and wrapped with nature in mind. 

They pack their food and treats with more goodness than you can shake a stick at. 

That means fresh, tasty ingredients with no nasties and absolutely no meat meal. It's that simple.

Edgard and Cooper were the first company to have full ranges of food and treats in biodegradable (or endlessly recyclable) materials. 

From their packaging made from plants to their Zero Pawprint Plan, they believe in doing right by nature. 

They're on a mission to end the suffering of dogs and cats across the world. 

That's why they donate 1% of sales to the Edgard and Cooper Foundation, which aims works to improve the lives of dogs and cats today and avoid harm tomorrow. 

Welcome to the world of Edgard and Cooper - naturally tasty cat and dog food that you, your pets and our planet can feel good about.

The Edgard and Cooper dental sticks help your dog have a clean mouth, fresh breath and strong teeth. 

Because the sticks are air-dried, it takes ages to chew through them. 

They're made from plant-based, low-calorie ingredients - like tasty berries and breath-freshening mint oil. 

Give your dog one stick a day for an effective cleaning routine. 

Finally, a stick to smile about.

Suitable for small dogs older than 4 months.


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