Grooming Service

We have been operating My Dear Pet Grooming & Spa Salon since 2008, and we have experienced staff to operate the successful business.

We deliver our customers excellent pet grooming services and a wide range of quality products.

Our employee is classified as a tutorial groomer in order to provide the latest and most fashionable pet trimming styles to make our furry friends look gorgeous. 


My Dear Pet Grooming & Spa Salon introduces advanced oxygen nano-micro bubble Spa machine, through the micro-bubble technology to effectively clean the pores, so that their skin can really breathe, and it can relieve skin redness, swelling and itching and improve blood circulation.

 Milky SPA Micro bubble Spa Machine

 : Using the latest patented micro-bubble technology, it can produce finer and longer-lasting micro-bubbles.

 : Can improve multiple skin problems, such as dryness, sensitivity, eczema, redness, hair removal, deodorization, etc.

 : When a large number of "micro bubbles" are concentrated in water, the water will be milky white (commonly known as milk SPA),


Ultra-fine bubbles can completely remove clogged pores and old cutin dirt.

It can increase hair volume and restore damaged skin to health quickly.

Deep cleans clogged pores and accelerates the elimination of residual toxins in the body.

Micro-fine air bubbles can quickly penetrate the bottom layer of the skin, moisturizing the skin and hair, and making the hair smoother and softer.

Negative ions can enhance immune function.

Through air bubble massage, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and detoxification, accelerate fat metabolism, achieve the purpose of preventing diseases and delaying aging.

Effectively improve pet skin: dryness, redness, sensitivity, itching, eczema, roughness, cracks, hard skin, peeling, hair loss, odor and other problems.